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Our CO2 laser is an FDA-approved resurfacing laser that can dramatically restore your skin’s youthful appearance without the downtime and discomfort required with traditional resurfacing.

We leverage DOT therapy (Dermal Optical Thermolysis) so that only a fraction of your skin is touched – creating thousands of microscopic laser spots (“DOT’s”) in your skin. This microscopic spots induce immediate skin tightening and stimulate new collagen growth.

Our technology combines the great and proven results of a traditional CO2 laser, considered the gold standard in laser resurfacing for over 15 years, with only a fraction of the downtime.



There are definitely some situations, such as medical necessity, where traditional liposuction would be a good choice.

Botox can be used to treat conditions such as neck spasms (cervical dystonia), excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), an overactive bladder, and lazy eye.

But what we found was that most clients preferred to avoid the cons that come with the outdated, and risky use of botox.


Bruising and pain at the injection site

Temporary facial weakness or drooping

Flu-like symptoms


In rare instances, the botulinum toxin may spread beyond the treatment area.


Our laser resurfacing treatment is relatively painless and under the care of an experienced professional, such as Kim Adams, your old blemishes will soon be gone and skin restored.

With resurfacing treatments, we are able to treat the deep layers of your skin, while keeping downtime to a minimum.

Deep wrinkles, skin texture, and scars are dramatically improved after just one treatment.

One treatment from our CO2 laser is equivalent to four to six treatments of a low quality laser, and in most cases, a single treatment from us will last up to 10 years.



FDA Approved

Improvement in skin’s color and texture

Revival of skin damaged by the sun or smoking

Tightens pores

Non-surgical, non-invasive

Stimulation of collagen reserves

Back to work in 24-48 hours


Laser resurfacing is an ideal treatment for these imperfections:

Surgical and acne scars

Age spots

Fine lines and wrinkles


Rough or uneven skin texture

Skin laxity

Sun damage

Enlarged pores



Our laser skin resurfacing treatment is an outpatient treatment conducted in our Clearwater office.

A local anesthetic is applied topically and left on the skin for 30 to 45 minutes to soothe nerve endings before treatment.

Smaller treatment areas, such as around the eyes, may be treated in 15 to 30 minutes. Full-face treatments may take up to two hours, during which time the patient lies comfortably on the treatment table as we carefully pass the handheld device over the skin.

Because tissue has been numbed, there should be no discomfort during treatment.

Laser skin resurfacing may be combined with other surgical and non-surgical rejuvenating treatments as needed to achieve the desired outcome from care. Some patients choose to undergo laser skin resurfacing after a cosmetic lift procedure.


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Is Laser Resurfacing Effective?

It may sound too good to be true, but laser resurfacing actually erases imperfections. Laser resurfacing can lessen the appearance of fine lines in the face, treat loss of skin tone, and improve your complexion.

Is Laser Resurfacing Painful?

There is minimal, if any, discomfort during the procedure. Rarely, a mild burning sensation may occur.

What Are The Cons Of Laser Resurfacing?

One of the great things about laser resurfacing is the minimal injury to the surrounding skin. Our laser causes fewer side effects such as swelling, bruising, and redness.

Because of this, your recovery time should be faster than with traditional CO2 laser resurfacing.

How Long Does It Take To Heal From Laser Resurfacing?

Most people report recovering within 5 days to 3 weeks after laser skin resurfacing treatment.

How Long Does Laser Resurfacing Last On Your Face?

On average, patients can expect laser skin resurfacing results to last anywhere from 3-5 years from having the procedure done. We’ve seen patients with results lasting nearly a decade.