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The Cryion System—FDA Approved & NTRL Certified

The Cryion™ system is designed to treat your entire body. It is unique because it uses multiple treatment modalities to create changes deep under the skin. Cold Laser, Red Light, Radio Frequency, Vacuum Technology, Cavitation/Ultrasound, and Laser Lipolysis combine to give clients the most powerful and longest-lasting results.

The powerful Tri-Channel technology improves elasticity, strengthens collagen and elastin production, improves skin tone appearance, and fades wrinkles and fine lines. It also resurfaces skin to fade scars and shrink pores and improves circulation and overall health of the skin for noticeably younger-looking skin. This technology helps to clear acne and supports the healing process.


Ultrasound / Cavitation

Ultrasound / Cavitation is a treatment that delivers quick results, uses sound waves to break down the extra fat a week after the procedure, and helps in the non-invasive removal of stubborn fat deposits.

This treatment targets your localized fat deposits and decreases body circumference for contouring. It breaks down and expels emulsified fat via the excretory system (body through urination, sweating, and feces).

Ultrasound Frequency Level: 3.0 MHZ



Requires little/no downtime

Long-lasting results with a healthy lifestyle

Minimum side effects

No scars

No anesthesia requirement

Gradual results so you can maintain discretion about the treatment

Cold Laser

Cold Laser passes cold energy to your skin through non-thermal light photons. It uses light waves in the near-infrared ranges to stimulate your skin’s mitochondria, making old cells function like new ones. The energy created and promoted from the cold laser heals, repairs, builds collagen, boosts cell turnover, and oxygenates your blood.

Cold Laser Frequency Level: 950 nm




Needs no recovery time

No medication

Minimal side effects

Combats surgery need

Largely effective with more than 90% efficiency


Ideal alternative to analgesics and other medications, which may cause unwanted side effects

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency is an electronic treatment that travels via your skin’s surface into the deeper dermal layer. As the energy passes through your skin, it tightens the existing cells and stimulates new collagen fibers.

This treatment creates a long-lasting lift and boosts volume, softens fine lines, and increases collagen production for four to six weeks after the treatment. It also boosts oxygen levels. Radiofrequency in body treatments creates lipolysis and melts fat.

Radio Frequency Level: 10MHz


Facial contouring

Improvements to your face

Reduces fine lines

Long-lasting results

Increases Hyaluronic Acid (HA)




Red Light

Red Light Therapy is a treatment that uses low wavelength red light to enhance your skin by reducing redness, scars, wrinkles, and acne. It produces more collagen, reduces cell inflammation, increases blood circulation and fibroblast production, and improves your skin texture. It supports detoxification and circulation, controls hormones and thyroid, enhances healing and recovery, and boosts metabolism.

Red Light Wavelength: 850 nm


Heals wounds

Reduces stretch marks

Removes wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

Improves facial texture

Cures psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema

Blurs scars

Improves sun-damaged skin