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Turkey Neck

Saggy neck skin is often hereditary. This client’s mother and all of her siblings had this, and she did not think that it would ever go away.

TADAH! This was her first treatment, and we did about six treatments on her face and neck—each took 30-minutes.

Our laser combines Cold Laser, Red Light, and Radio Frequency; we are the only laser that combines all three. It typically feels like a warm massage and is so relaxing that many people fall asleep during the treatment and even start snoring.
This is how quickly you can expect to see results. This photo shows that there is no bruising, swelling, or downtime. These photos were taken just 40 minutes apart from each other.

Flawless treatments are holistic, homeopathic, and naturally get you to start producing collagen.

Image for Puc Neck Case Study